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Organic baby care
Discover TIDOO all-natural bio-certified care products: made in France with safe ingredients that respect babies’ fragile skin.
A complete line for bathing, toiletry, nappy changing and care: essential to daily baby care with complete peace of mind.
Nos products have already conquered eco-friendly parents’ hearts: 4 TIDOO Care products were chosen the Best Bio
Products 2019 by a panel of 100 parent testers!
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Bio-wash gel gently cleanses and protects baby skin and hair. The bio-pot marigold and aloe vera plant-based cleansing ingredients help preserve baby skin from drying out and provides relief from any irritation attacking their fragile skin.
99% natural ingredients
Cleans without drying
Soap, paraben, sulphate, phenoxyethanol, phthalate-free
Dermatologically tested
Doesn’t irritate the eyes

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Le gel lavant bio nettoie en douceur et protège la peau et les cheveux de bébé. Sa base lavante d’origine végétale au Calendula et à l’Aloé vera bio, participe à préserver la peau de bébé du dessèchement et à l’apaiser de toutes les irritations pouvant attaquer sa peau fragile.
99% des ingrédients d’origine naturelle
Nettoie sans dessécher
Sans Savon, parabène, sulfates, phénoxyéthanol ni phtalates
Testé sous contrôle dermatologique
Ne pique pas les yeux

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