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to babies by nature!

Because before we were Tidoo, we were careful and responsible parents

Because babies’ wellbeing is our priority

Because our company produces all its products in France

Because you don’t have to harm the planet to make a good product

Because thinking about others is a natural part of our DNA

Because our adventure is above all a human one

Strict ingredient control

Because before being Tidoo, we were careful and responsible parents, and that’s why we’re committed to:

  • A composition without any harmful ingredients : 0% Latex, Chlorine, GMOs, Petrolatum, Lotion, Perfume.
  • Regular control of more than 250 controversial substances with the transparence of the results analysed by a health expert.. Find out more here

5-star protection

Because babies’ wellbeing is our priority, we launched the 1st environmentally-friendly and baby skin-friendly diaper in 2016 and received a 5-star performance and comfort rating:

  • Une 12 hour anti-leak performance tested several times by independent laboratories
  • An ergonomic shape that fits babies’ anatomy to perfect with extreme gentleness
  • A hypoallergenic and non-irritant diaper certified by clinical testing at an independent laboratory

Local production

Because our company is a small French business and most of our community lives in France, we decided to manufacture our diapers near us !

  • We have thus selected local production plants in order to work day after day towards a low carbon footprint
  • Beyond the wonderful experience this brings, we’re proud to offer products made solely with French expertise!

Environmental conservation

Because you don’t have to harm the planet to make a good product:

  • Our absorbent topsheet is 60% made of natural cellulose from sustainably managed forests (FSC label).
  • Our ecological bag is made of 80% recycled materials.
  • These environmentally-friendly choices have allowed us to obtain certification we hold dear:

FSC which guarantees the cellulose comes from sustainably managed forests.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel which guarantees a low environmental impact

Charity actions

Because thinking about others is a natural part of our DNA, we’ve always been committed to causes close to our hearts:

  • By choosing Tidoo, you’re helping Le Rire Medecin association which takes clowns to perform for hospitalised children. We’re thrilled to have been able to offer nearly 3000 performances since the beginning of our operations – and we won’t stop there!
  • We’re also committed to fostering jobs for handicapped workers, requesting collaboration from the French labour market integration initiative for the disabled, ESAT (Etablissement de Service et d’Aide par le Travail), for various projects.

A CRE policy

Because our adventure is above all a human one, we’re pleased to do more than just the work required for our company…

  • Thus, we aim to work day after day to implement specific actions as part of our CER (Corporate and Environmental Responsibility) policy
  • We work every day on 6 core areas you can find out about here
  • We are very excited to have recently received the BioEntreprise Durable label

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