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Culottes TIDOO

Eco-friendly potty training pants

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Our TIDOO potty training pants are environmentally-friendly, effective and Made in France. They have no undesirable ingredients.
Ideal for potty training, they go on and off just like regular pants so starting school can be a unique, hassle-free experience!
Practical for potty training
60% FSC certified cellulose
0% Latex, Chlorine, petrolatum

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    Made in France

    Yes to effectiveness, No to undesirable ingredients

    Undesirable ingredients

    Chlorine Petrolatum Latex GMOs

    Regular controls

    for more than 250 Toxic substances

    12-hour leak-free comfort


    12 hour leak protection guaranteed (day and night)
    An ergonomic shape that fits babies’ anatomy to perfection with extreme gentleness
    Practical, they come on and off just like regular pants and feature easy to tear sides as well as a strip on the back to roll them up


    A hypoallergenic fluffy topsheet to prevent nappy rash
    An outer micro-perforated layer allows air to babies’ skin
    Non-irritant to avoid harming babies’ sensitive skin
    0% controversial ingredients : latex, GMOs, chlorine, petrolatum and perfume


    More than 60% wood cellulose in the absorbent topsheet
    FSC® certification which guarantees the cellulose comes from sustainably managed forests
    Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification which guarantees a low environmental impact
    An ecological bag made of 80% recycled materials

    Full transparency with Tidoo training pants

    Gentle, ultra-absorbent, eco-friendly and made without any controversial ingredients, Tidoo potty training pants are highly certified and can accompany babies throughout their potty training.


    Natural cellulose to protect your baby’s bum:
    - Totally Chlorine Free
    - 100% from responsibly well-managed forests (FSC®)

    Micro-granules to guarantees maximum absorption (SAP):
    - Absorb up to 150 times their weight


    - Topsheet layer : brings softness and comfort
    - Distribution layer: distributes the liquid evenly throughout the nappy
    - Non-woven in polypropylene and polyester
    - Scent-free, lotion-free, colouring-free

    - Micro-perforated: allows air to the skin and prevents redness
    - Outer layer: polyethylene film non-woven in polypropylene
    - Printed with heavy metal-free pigments


    - They hug the baby’s legs
    - Non-woven fabric in polypropylene and polyester
    - Elastic: latex-free elastane


    - Super stretchy material: adjusts to the baby’s belly throughout the day
    - Latex, polystyrene and polypropylene-free elastomer film

    - To reclose the pants after use
    - Polypropylene film and adhesive

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