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Avec TIDOO, retrouvez les indispensables pour le change et l’hygiène de bébé en toute sérénité : des produits
efficaces, sûrs, écologiques et fabriqués en France. Découvrez vite les couches écologiques et les soins naturels
et certifiés bio TIDOO, produits préférés des parents en magasin bio !

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Our TIDOO potty training pants are environmentally-friendly, effective and Made in France. They have no undesirable ingredients.
Ideal for potty training, they go on and off just like regular pants so starting school can be a unique, hassle-free experience!
Practical for potty training
60% FSC certified cellulose
0% Latex, Chlorine, petrolatum

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Bio-wash gel gently cleanses and protects baby skin and hair. The bio-pot marigold and aloe vera plant-based cleansing ingredients help preserve baby skin from drying out and provides relief from any irritation attacking their fragile skin.
99% natural ingredients
Cleans without drying
Soap, paraben, sulphate, phenoxyethanol, phthalate-free
Dermatologically tested
Doesn’t irritate the eyes

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